Coaching Resources

Welcome to our Coaches’ page where you will find useful information and links to our Coaches Portal, to help you develop your players’ potential, and enjoy your role as coach.

Coaches Portal

All coaches have access to the Berwick Basketball Clubs Coaches Portal.  This is an online resource that contains essential coaching information (important club documentation, coaching manuals & videos, etc.) for all levels of coaching.  It is hosted at – if you do not have an invitation to log on to this valuable online resource, please contact the Vice President of Coaching & Development or someone on our Player Development Group.
Once you receive an invitation to the Coaches Portal you will need to create an account with to login.  Use the same email address that the invitation was sent to when you create the account with  – then you will have access to all the coaching resources online at our Coaches Portal.

Player Development Group

The Player Development Group has been formed to assist coaches in all areas of their role.  It is made up of a number of senior accredited coaches and has coaching mentors in almost every age group.  Whether you are an experienced coach or new to the role, it can often be helpful to have someone to turn to for advice or talk to about a new coaching idea. If you have a question about coaching, or would like some advice, please ask the Player Development Group via the Contact Us link.

Training Equipment

Coaches, now you can add something new to your training sessions.
The Club has a training kit available, suitable for junior and senior players.
The kit contains equipment to enhance your training sessions, including:

  • Basketball
  • 4 Tennis Balls
  • Coaches Board
  • Whistle
  • 4 Training Bibs
  • Ball Pump
  • 10 Cones

which can be used in a variety of drills for the benefit of your players’ development, and to make training more enjoyable.
To book a kit for your next training session, contact your age group coordinator or send an email to the Club.

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