Role Descriptions

Responsibilities common to all committee members

  • Attend committee meetings as scheduled (approximately 6 per year).
  • Uphold the Club’s Code of Conduct.
  • Promote the Club at every opportunity.
  • Support and promote the Club’s beliefs in fair play and good sportsmanship.
  • Advise the Publicity & Communications Officer of potential sponsorship opportunities for the Club.
  • Be available to all members to hear any concerns or comments they may have.
  • Take action on any concerns or comments raised by a member by passing it on to the relevant committee member and/or raising it at committee meeting. Follow-up with the member to ensure a satisfactory outcome.
  • Support and enforce Club rules.



  • Act as chairperson at all meetings.
  • Oversee the activities of the Club and committee and the attainment of the Club’s objectives.
  • Act as official spokesperson for the Club.
  • Control and coordinate activities of the Club.
  • Convene regular meetings of the committee
  • Ensure that all members perform their duties in a manner consistent with the objectives of the Club.
  • The President shall vote as a Club member in all ballots and shall also have a casting vote in the event of a tie.


Vice Presidents

  • Support and assist the President in the running of the Club.
  • In the absence of the President a vice-President appointed by the President will take on the role and activities of the President

VP Junior – Under-8 to Under-12

VP Senior – Under-14 to Under-20

  • Support President
  • Assist with decision-making, settlement of disputes/issues
  • First point of contact for age-group coordinators
  • Assist coordinators with grading teams and placement of players
  • Support age-group coordinators in their roles

VP Coaching & Development

  • Oversees the organisation of development programs for players and coaches, coaching information sessions and events including:
  • Junior beginners’ clinics – two per year
  • Junior academy – 1 each per year for boys and girls
  • Level 0 and Level 1 Coaches Course – annually
  • Coach meeting – annually



  • Collection, sorting and distribution of Club mail.
  • Issue notices of meetings.
  • Preparation and distribution of meeting agenda
  • Take Minutes and distribute within 7 days of meetings and file copies in Club’s electronic files.
  • Be responsible for the safe custody of books, documents and securities of the Club.
  • Preparation of AGM documents and notices
  • Keep a copy of the Rules
  • Maintain rolls at AGMs and SGMs
  • Submit annual statement to Consumer Affairs Victoria within 1 month of AGM
  • Liaise with Registrar and assist where necessary.



  • Keep accurate records of all financial transactions and maintain the Club’s bank accounts.
  • Prepare annual budget for the financial year ending 30 September.
  • Present a report of the financial affairs of the Club at committee meetings.
  • Produce an audited statement of financial affairs for the Annual General Meeting.
  • Ensure all signatories are up to date with current committee registered at the bank.
  • Safeguard online banking information (ie: login and password).
  • Organise floats as required.
  • Produce miscellaneous invoices as required.
  • Track payments through SportingPulse, PayPal and bank account.
  • Promptly bank all monies received.
  • Promptly pay all invoices received eg: to training venues, uniform supplier, etc
  • Reconcile bank statements.
  • Liaise with Registrar and assist where necessary.
  • Committee position descriptions Revised Oct 2014



  • Responsible for data entry and management of players and teams – ensure consistency of data entry
  • Oversees the follow-up of outstanding registrations and fees by age group coordinators: runs registration and outstanding fee reports for coordinators to follow-up
  • Point of contact for Age-group coordinators regarding registration and fee matters
  • Close liaison with Treasurer & Secretary
  • Track payments through SportingPulse, PayPal and bank account.
  • Provide lists of players with outstanding fees to age coordinators for follow-up.
  • Contact point for initial Club enquiries. Respond when appropriate or forward enquiries on to coordinators or other relevant committee member.
  • Liaise with coordinators and Team Managers to update and maintain all team details.
  • Collation and submission of all teams to DBA at start of or during seasons.
  • Liaise with DBA and other clubs about Club issues and enquiries – such as unregistered players, clearances and permits.
  • Maintain register of members.
  • Liaise with Secretary and Treasurer and assist where necessary.
  • Committee position descriptions Revised Oct 2014


Publicity & Communications Officer

  • Raise the profile of the Club and generally promote the game of basketball within Berwick and the wider community.
  • Produce at least two newsletters each year.
  • Manage the communications between the Club and its members.
  • Liaise with local schools to promote the Club’s training clinics for new players.
  • Maintain the Club’s website.
  • Provide stories for local media.
  • Maintain Club noticeboards.
  • Committee position descriptions Revised Oct 2014


Uniform Co-ordinator

  • Make sample uniforms available to try on for size when required.
  • Receive payment for the uniform and issue receipt before placing the order.
  • Liaise with uniform supplier to place order and arrange delivery of completed order.
  • Distribute uniforms to team member or Team Manager/Coach.
  • Supply alternate tops to teams as requested by team Managers.
  • Receive and process orders for all other Club merchandise.
  • Committee position descriptions Revised Oct 2014


Training Venue Co-ordinator

  • Coordinate the allocation of courts for training sessions.
  • Liaise with Age Coordinators regarding training needs for the season.
  • Advise Team Managers of alterations to existing training schedules/court availability.
  • Provide copies of the training schedule to committee members.
  • Liaise with the Secretary and Treasurer to ensure only courts being used for training are paid for.
  • Liaise with the Secretary to negotiate with relevant schools for future court allocation.


Age Group Co-ordinators

  • Oversee the general management of teams in the age-group
  • Respond promptly to enquiries from potential new members:
  • Provide relevant Club information;
  • Locate a suitable team and discuss with Team Representatives;
  • Introduce new member to Team Representatives and provide Club welcome material.
  • Liaise with Team Managers regarding Club matters, including teams and players entering the following season.
  • Provision of team lists in the prescribed form to the Registrar when required for teams to be entered into the new season.
  • Follow-up unregistered members and/or members with unpaid fees as per list provided by Registrar and/or Treasurer, and provide relevant feedback to Registrar/Treasurer
  • Notify Team Managers when first-round fixtures are available on DBA website.
  • Liaise with Team Managers to receive feedback on gradings and advise Registrar of any grading concerns or requests for re-grading.
  • Handle any enquiries from Team Managers and refer to appropriate Vice President as required.