Life Members

Stan Szalek & Dennis Wilkinson


Dennis Wilkinson and Stan Szalek were made Life Members of the Berwick Basketball Club in November 2009.

Dennis and Stan have been stalwarts of our club for over 10 and 15 years respectively. They have both maintained a continuous involvement in the club to ensure the club’s growth and success.

Between them, Dennis and Stan have served in roles including president, vice president, age coordinator, coach, junior coordinator, junior development, coaching mentor and as delegate on the Dandenong Basketball Association junior domestic committee.

Dale Lee

Dale Lee was made a Life Member of the Berwick Basketball Club in November 2012.

Dale joined the Club in 2004 and was a active member from the very beginning, having been coach, team manager, age-group coordinator and President, a position he held for five years.  He was also an inaugural member of the Dandenong Basketball Association’s renewed Junior Domestic Committee.

Dale’s leadership and vision was integral to the success that we enjoy today.

Brett Morgan

Brett Morgan was nominated as a Life Member in 2014 for the significant contribution he has made to the club as a coach of all age groups.

Brett has been a coach at Berwick since 1999, coaching and developing his sons and their team-mates from under-10s through to under-20s.

Although Brett no longer has children playing at the Club, his passion for basketball and developing young players has seen him to continue his involvement as a Club coach, and he is also active within our coaching and development programs.

Gary Stabb

Gary Stabb is the club’s founding member and inaugural president.Gary Stabb Life member

Gary initially formed the Club by bringing together parents who wanted their children to play basketball for a local club.

He held the position of President for the Club’s first 10 years – a remarkable commitment worthy of Life Membership.

Gary was awarded Life Membership on the occasion of the Club’s 25th anniversary celebrations.