Issue 26

April 2016

Message from the President

Congratulations to our Summer Season finalists 

Congratulations to all our teams that competed in the Summer season Grand Finals on the weekend of 19 and 20 March.  Nineteen teams played over the weekend and all should be proud of their achievement, whether finishing with the Premiers flag or Runners-Up.  Well done everyone!

Welcome New Committee Members

I am very pleased to welcome two new members to our committee: David Lock and Karina Gibbs. David and Karina responded to our call for volunteers to fill the role of Under-16 Boys' coordinator, which was left vacant following the Annual General Meeting last November.  We are very grateful to David and Karina for their involvement, as without them there was no future for our under-16 boys' teams beyond the end of the winter season.  

Please give David and Karina your support.

Winter Season 2016 Tips off this weekend

Best wishes to our 60 teams playing in the winter season competition which tips off this weekend. Please remember to check the fixtures each Friday throughout the season for your game times and court allocation. There are frequent changes to fixtures during the grading period and changes can also occur during the season for various reasons.  

The playing calendar has 18 rounds this season.  Please note that although Anzac Day falls on a Monday this year effectively giving us a long weekend, there will be games fixtured on both Saturday and Sunday of that weekend.  As this will be Round 3 of the grading rounds all teams are encouraged to play if possible.  However, if a team must forfeit due to a lack of numbers please ensure you email the forfeit notice to the DBA at not later than Thursday 21 April 2016 to avoid the double forfeit penalty.  


The $150 Rebel gift card winner is...

Tabitha Warlond is this season's winner of a $150 Rebel gift card. Tabitha picks up this prize having been drawn from those members who registered and paid their membership fees by the due date of 7 March.

Congratulations Tabitha!


Match Fees - Members' Obligations

All players have an obligation to pay their share of the team's match fees (or teamsheet) fees for the entire season (not only for games played).

Payment should be made promptly to the Team Manager when requested. Players who have teamsheet money outstanding for two weeks after a request for payment may be suspended from play in accordance with our Member By-laws.  Team Managers are advised to notify their Age-group Coordinator if they have members with outstanding teamsheet fees. 


Playing or Winning? What's most important to the players?

In junior sport it is very easy for the adults to get carried away with the end result of the game which can affect how children feel about themselves and their sport.

"Coaches and parents must recognise that what really matters in junior sport is not the outcomes of games."  Read more at Play by the Rules: Winning is important but... 


Maighan Hedge

Maighan Hedge has her sights set on a professional basketball career and she has taken yet another step closer to that dream.  Maighan has been playing with the Youth League - doing very well by all reports - and she has been selected to be part of the WNBL Elite Development Squad, a training program run by WNBL Head Coach Larissa Anderson for Junior Ranger players to be developed to SEABL and WNBL level.

Maighan began playing with Berwick in the under-9s and her achievements have featured in past issues of Rebound: she was a member of the Rangers Under-14 Girls team to compete at the Australian National Championships and bring home the Rachel Sporn Shield; she played in the Australian National College Championships in Canberra, and last rep season, as a bottom-age player, she was the starting point-guard for the Rangers Girls 18(1) in the Victorian Championships competition.  

Maighan has achieved all this through hard work and dedication to her sport, taking every opportunity to learn from her coaches and to practice what she has learnt. We wish her the very best as she forges her way to her ultimate goal.  Good luck Maighan!! 


Using Emergency Players

Although this item appears regularly in our newsletters and the information is available to coaches and team managers in the Team Representative Handbook, there are still instances of teams adding "new players" randomly on game-day, contrary to the rules.  

The introduction of new players to the club must be managed by the relevant age-group coordinator to ensure that new members are properly registered.

All teams are again reminded of the rules for bringing emergency players into a game:

1. The player MUST BE A CURRENT MEMBER OF OUR CLUB.  This is not merely a guideline - it is a MANDATORY REQUIREMENT.

2. Players from other clubs must not play without a clearance or permit from their club first being obtained.

3. If players are needed at short notice they should be sourced from Berwick teams in the lower age-group. You may also obtain a player from a lower grade of the same age-group on no more than two ocassions.

3. Under no circumstances whatsoever, is a player to play under the name of an absent player.  This is a reportable offence which may earn the coach a Tribunal hearing and penalty of up to 19 weeks' suspension.

Breaching these rules has consequences for your team.  If in doubt, please check with your age-group coordinator. Read more



Don't miss seeing the Dandenong Rangers Men and Women in action this season.  The SEABL season began last weekend with the Women notching up a win while the Men fell just short.

The Dandenong Rangers Men's and Women's home games are scheduled s doubled-headers on the same day/night, making the entry fee of $10 per adult, $5 per child and $25 per family great value.  You get two fantastic games for the price of one!!

See here for fixtures and season memberships. 


Referee Complaints

Complaints about referees are a constant theme in junior sport.  Yes, sometimes they get it wrong - although whether or not a call is wrong usually depends on which side of it you stand.

Regardless, it must be remembered by everyone - coaches, players and parents alike - that the referees are human and everyone makes mistakes, they are often young, and are doing the best they can.  The small things, like a travelling violation that isn't called, or a toe on the line, need to be let go rather than hurling abuse at the referee.  Arguing about every little infraction that is missed by the referee sets a bad example for the players - especially in the younger age groups. In most games, the "bad" calls will frequently even out.

However, if a coach considers the referees are not fully engaged in their task and not properly in control of a game, leading to serious concerns that players are in danger of being injured, the correct course of action is to call for the Referee Supervisor.  Ask the team manager or other parent to seek out the Supervisor, politely explain to them the issues of concern and ask them to attend the court to observe.  Don't leave it until after the game has finished.  Little if anything can be done to rectify a problem if the game is already over.   

Referees are now under constant review with random performance checks conducted each week by the Supervisors.  If there are short-comings in the referee's performance, an on-the-spot explanation from the supervisor will do more for their confidence and ability in future games than a belated complaint or abuse from the coach and parents.

We need to support this initiative to help our referees develop as competent match officials.


1. Don't abuse the referees under any circumstances;

2. Do request the Referee Supervisor attend the court if there are serious problems with a referee's performance which may lead to player-injury or the match getting out of control.


Codes of Conduct

All members, whether player, team representative or parent, are bound by the Club's Rules and the Codes of Conduct.  Our purpose is to provide opportunities for children to play basketball and it is essential that everyone follows these rules so the children can enjoy their sport.


Every member is responsible for ensuring that their behaviour and that of any guests who attend at training or games is in accordance with the Codes of Conduct and our Club's Rules.

The requirements within the Codes of Conduct and our Rules are based in common sense and a sense of decency and respect for others.   Some basic rules to remember:


• Don't abuse, taunt or belittle any player.

• Don't call out instructions to players from the sidelines.  Providing instructions during a game is the coach's job and parents who direct their own children or other players from the sidelines undermine the coach's efforts and confuse the players. 


• Remember that domestic basketball is about players participating and enjoying the game. It is not about building championship teams and a win-at-all-costs attitude.  The representative program provides a more intense experience for those who want to take that path.  Rep players should look to the domestic competition as an opportunity to relax and have fun at basketball.

• Remember that every team member has a contribution to make no matter how small. 

• Support everyone in the team, regardless of their skill level.

• Cheer for your child and their team mates.

• Acknowledge good play by everyone - even the opposition.   

• Support the coach.


DBA Multi-visit Passes

Don't forget that DBA Multi-visit passes are available.  The last thing you want to see when you are running late for a game is a long queue at the door. Get into the stadium quicker with a Visit Pass.  Just scan and GO!  

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